Your Royal Identity: Embracing Your Inheritance in the Kingdom of God


Like in any kingdom or nation a citizen has rights in that jurisdiction and the kingdom or nation has rights over them. However, in this kingdom of God, salvation brings us into a position of adoption into the royal family.

Understanding Our Royal Position:

Just as citizens in any earthly kingdom have rights and responsibilities, so too do we in the Kingdom of God. Yet, our position is uniquely elevated through the gift of salvation. Through Christ, we are not only citizens but adopted children of God through Christ. This adoption into God's royal family bestows upon us a regal status, making us heirs to His divine inheritance. 

Embracing Our Royal Heritage:

Consider the analogy of Prince Edward within the royal family of England. As a member of the monarchy, he lacks nothing, for everything within the kingdom belongs to the royal family. Likewise, as heirs of God's Kingdom, we lack nothing, for all that He possesses is ours. Our access to His boundless wealth and resources is not contingent upon our own efforts, but rather upon our identity as children of God. 

Accessing Our Spiritual Riches:

In the Kingdom of God, our inheritance surpasses material wealth; it encompasses the spiritual riches of His glory. Through His word, God has provided us with everything we need to live a life of abundance and victory in Christ. However, the challenge lies not in the availability of these blessings, but in our access to them. 

Navigating Our Inheritance:

The Bible serves as our spiritual inheritance, containing the blueprint for a life of fulfillment and purpose in Christ. By immersing ourselves in His word, cultivating a deep relationship with Him, and walking in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we unlock the fullness of our divine inheritance. It is through intimacy with God that we gain insight into His will and discover the pathway to accessing His abundant blessings. 


As citizens of heaven and heirs of the Kingdom of God, we are called to live in the fullness of our royal identity. Through Christ, we have been granted access to the immeasurable riches of His Kingdom. Let us, therefore, embrace our inheritance with gratitude and reverence, walking in the wisdom and understanding of our Heavenly Father. As we align our lives with His will, may we experience the richness of His glory and the fulfillment of His purposes in our lives. 


Heavenly Father, we humbly come before You, grateful for the privilege of being called heirs of Your Kingdom. Grant us the wisdom and spiritual understanding to fully embrace our royal identity and to walk in alignment with Your will. May we access the abundant blessings You have ordained for us, living victoriously as Your beloved children.