The Demonic Ahab and Jezebel Spirits in Marriages

Writing this article has proven to be quite challenging. In a world where women are actively seeking acknowledgement for their valuable contribution to society, delving into the subject of the Ahab and Jezebel Spirit presents a unique difficulty. In today's modern society, women are empowered with the belief that they can stand on equal footing with men. They are encouraged to assert their roles in any setting they find themselves in, as their worth is in no way inferior to that of men. However, could there potentially be adverse implications associated with this progressive mindset?

Let’s delve deeper into the concept of Ahab and Jezebel Spirit.


In the Book of 1 Kings, we are introduced to Ahab and Jezebel. Ahab was a king who ruled over the northern kingdom of Israel. He later married Jezebel, a Phoenician princess, who was the daughter of King Ethbaal of Tyre.  This marriage is viewed as a tumultuous period in the history of the Israelites. Under the influence of Jezebel, they are introduced to the worship of Baal, a Canaanite deity, by the Israelites. This move towards idolatry led to a spiritual crisis in the Kingdom. Elijah confronted Ahab and Jezebel, boldly condemning their idolatrous practices and issuing divine judgments. He pronounced a drought upon the land that lasted for three and a half years as a consequence of the kingdom's wickedness. The influence of Jezebel in the kingdom was also seen when she orchestrated a scheme to falsely accuse and subsequently execute Naboth to confiscate his vineyard for Ahab.

It is from this story that the concept of the Ahab and Jezebel Spirit draws its meaning. This concept metaphorically applies to the negative traits and behaviours that are seen in their marriage, and how it influences or affects those around them.


The Ahab Spirit can be described as a passive and weak-willed disposition, often characterized by a man who lacks leadership characteristics and is thus easily influenced to compromise on moral principles. While Ahab was a king, he displayed a notable lack of strong leadership qualities. In the story, Ahab's decisions and actions are frequently swayed by external influences, particularly those of his wife, Jezebel. This susceptibility to compromise on moral principles became evident when he agreed to Jezebel's manipulative schemes to wrongfully execute Naboth as a means of seizing his vineyard.  Ahab's inability to assert his own convictions and his tendency to yield to the demands of others showcased his vulnerability to the Ahab Spirit.

On the other hand, the Jezebel Spirit is synonymous with manipulation, control, and an insatiable hunger for power. Jezebel wielded her influence over Ahab, her husband, the king, to impose her own agendas and desires. She was determined to promote the worship of Baal and eradicate the worship of God in Israel showcasing her thirst for control and the lengths she would go to to achieve it. Her manipulation is also evident in her cunning plot to seize Naboth's vineyard by orchestrating his wrongful execution through false accusations. Jezebel's methods often involved deceit, as she used her authority and position to intimidate others into submission. Her end came as a consequence of her manipulation when her eunuchs threw her down from a window and her remains eaten by dogs as per Elijah’s prophesy.

The two spirits are in contention to the command given in Ephesians 5, where husbands are given the role of leadership and women are asked to submit to their husbands. As seen in the case of Ahab, he lacked leadership qualities. Rather, He can be described as weak-willed, passive in decision-making, and lacking moral conviction. The strong leadership qualities of a husband are considered essential for spiritual guidance in a family as explained in Ephesians 5. 

The Ahab and Jezebel Spirit concept warns against unhealthy power dynamics and manipulation. Therefore, the goal should be to cultivate a relationship where both partners contribute their strengths, communicate openly, and make decisions collaboratively.


The Ahab and Jezebel spirits operate together in a marriage and are a cause of major problems.  They represent a pervasion of God’s will for a man and woman and in this case a husband and a wife. A man’s role is to be the head of the family. He is expected to provide covering and leadership for the family. The Ahab spirit, therefore, compromises this role by instituting weakness, lack of moral conviction and being passive. On the other hand, the role of the woman is to support and nurture. It involves submission to the husband. The Jezebel spirit perverts this role by instituting, and coveting the roles of man in a household and society, hunger for power, selfishness, and high levels of ungodliness.

The Ahab and Jezebel spirits are demonic, and quite common in this contemporary world. The world has lied to us that it is okay for a wife to be the leader of a family, thus allowing the Jezebel spirit to be strong. There is a certain hunger that women are raised to possess, from a young age. An inclination to be cunning and deceitful, and disregard the feelings of others to achieve their goals. This is synonymous with the Jezebel Spirit, a demonic spirit that can be passed from one generation to the next. This hunger is especially seen in women who underwent specific traumas like sexual abuse while young, and thus perceive their leadership as their means of control. On the other hand, men are taught that it is okay to be complacent.  But this is not a natural occurrence. Rather, the Bible states that women should submit, and men should be leaders.

At the same time, leadership is not synonymous with financial capability. Further, submission is not synonymous with abuse. The leadership of men of God is based on the wisdom of God. Like Solomon, the husbands should ask for wisdom so that they can be able to guide and cover their families in every situation, physical, financial, and spiritual. The roots and foundation of any union should be the love of God and thus should be the leadership of men and the submission of women. Going against the command of God leads to a demonic dynamic that leads to oppression and a dysfunctional relationship. The word of God is sovereign and should not be compromised at all. God’s will as described in the Bible is pleasant and perfect. We should not compromise its principles because of changes in the world.