Did Peter Just call us the weaker gender? Are you a bit triggered?

“Husbands, in the same way, be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayer.” 1 Peter 3:7

Did Peter Just call us the weaker gender? Are you a bit triggered?


At first sight, it can be interpreted as Peter perpetuating the patriarchal system that infringes on the rights of women and considers them less valuable than men. Many people have actually used this Bible verse to put women down in society and deny them different rights. However, delving deeper into the context of the verse reveals a different message altogether. Let's explore the true meaning of this verse and the importance of treating wives with respect in marriage.

The definition of weaker, in this verse, could be based on the societal understanding of the female gender. During the time of the Bible's authorship and even in some societies today, women have been considered the weaker gender; in terms of their physical body and vulnerability in society. This fact was used to allow the mistreatment of women, or denying them their rights. However, Peter's intention was not to perpetuate this inequality but to address husbands and encourage them to treat their wives with respect.

The word “weaker” should not be interpreted as “inferior.” Peter reminds husbands of the perception society has of women and thus urges them to not use this view to justify mistreatment and disrespect as the society does. Instead, they are urged to honor and consider their wives' needs, emotions, and contributions as equal partners in marriage.

Peter goes further to state that both the husband and the wife are “heirs together” of the gracious gift of life.” This implies that both genders are equal in their worth and significance before God. Regardless of any physical differences or societal norms, both men and women have equal access to God's blessings and eternal life.  He goes further to highlight the importance of respectful treatment “so that nothing hinders your prayers.” This underscores the significance of maintaining a harmonious and loving relationship between spouses. When mutual respect and care prevail, the couple's prayers are not hindered, and they can grow together spiritually. 

Husbands are the leaders in a marriage. Their leadership role is based on the servant-like leadership style that was used by Jesus, where the leader lays down his life for his subordinate. In the same way, husbands as leaders are expected to lay their lives for their women. In a similar manner, husbands are encouraged to lay down their lives for their wives, not in a demeaning way but as an expression of deep love and support.


Many people have misinterpreted 1 Peter 3:7 to perpetuate gender inequality. However, a careful examination of the context and the message it conveys reveals a different perspective. The Bible urges husbands to treat their wives with respect and honor, recognizing them as equal partners and co-heirs of God's blessings. It emphasizes the importance of a loving and considerate relationship, fostering spiritual growth and harmony within the marriage. So, let's embrace the true essence of this verse, working towards building strong and respectful marriages that celebrate the unique strengths and contributions of both partners.